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Black is beautiful

White is a color.

Why then does the crow look up in contradiction to the spectrums of the beautiful sky?

Flapping it’s wings in satisfaction, she flies over the roof of her own enemies.

She is an embodiment of a perfect color misrepresentation

Only if she knew where her heart was, it would have been easier to make sense out of her mishap.

Life chose her so she could choose the light,

I’ve always wanted to walk in the light.

I might have always walked in the light, even though I’m bound to cast shadows

This only means I can appreciate the difference between light and night.

I thank You God for keeping our eyes fixed on the price.

If we ourselves were the prices, the bond would have been stronger.

I guess the game is strongest when the weak are the weakest and the tough, the loosers.

It’s a journey of the past yet to be unveiled in the future

The writing on the wall could have been clearer if you didn’t paint me so black,

I could have thrown more light.

Now I’m like the crow,

White inside and black outside.

Allow me to fly to a limitless freedom where there’s room for all my worries.

When the rain is down and the sun is up,

you’d see that after all, there’s no difference between me and the rainbow.


There’s love in trust,

But can trust be without hatred ,where there is love for what is not worth trusting?

I have a secret to share.

When the loudness turned its back on the darkness and the grasses swayed by and by in serenity,

I met myself.

So I asked if he was comfortable with who I was.

A moment of confusion and chaos was triggered

but thanks to the calmness of the air and the breeze from the spitting trees that kept the battle line drawn.

Could we have cared any less about who we are and what we ought to have been?

It is however reverting that society rebukes us welcoming moments of pleasure and emotions through the back gates.

I agree to some extent,

but what if that was the only door the house was built with?

Would you rather make room for another door or destroy the entire house?

Many are living with the problem of indecisiveness.

Many will die out of indecisiveness.

Many dreams will be forfeited

Just because a body we never built dictates which way ought to have been gone.

Go where you want to go,

And come whenever you’re ready.

Identity may engulf our desires temporarily,

But eternity is what decides if our choices were valid or not.


Ode to sorrows,

turn the tables around.

Yes I’m a mortal being,

but also an eternal threat to doom.

Sorrows to last,

for a mighty ocean dances to the rhythm of the angry sun.

That is the capture of beauty in dirt.

I’m right, you’re righteous,

These are the differences that make us similar yet we differ in our very way of thinking.

I’m wrong, you’re right,

Yet our final fate cannot be predicted.

Have you not ever wondered about in the shallow waters,

thinking how long your legs were?

That is how severe misdirection has been crawling on the edge of my grandfather’s clock.

I thought it’d all end so soon

But each page is a different chapter of a single volume of life.

I’ll keep looking

And I’ll keep finding,

Because as long as my final fate would be unknown till my final faith is known,

Then I cannot really tell whether I’m right or you’re righteous.


Wherever the sky ends, 

Whenever the moon goes black,

Whatever my flaws may be,

Your love knows no bounds.

Ever will it be beyond the horizon

where the cause is still a misery.               

Or before the cross of Calvary

where my transgressions were wiped

out of Satan’s search history. 

Jesus Your Love knows no bounds.

Objections were made,

yet You fought till Your sweat turned


 A battle I never led,

Yet I wear the victor’s crown.                   

Not that my actions do please You,

But You merit me first in Your kingdom.

Such undeserved love without measure. 

Like a Global Positioning System,

You recalculate my routes whenever I

 miss the course of life.

I never would have made it to the land

 called grace if Your ocean of Love was

 not so merciful to me.                                       

Even through the disasters that cause

 my faith to drown,

the surface of Your Love gives the

 scariest tension to the troubled waters.

In times when the wind blew my hopes


You anchored and gave me weight to

 stand against all odds.

Jesus Your Love knows no bounds. 

Every night the lamb goes out and my

 head is laid to the bed,

I still do wonder why I live even as I’m dead.

Could You please give me a break so the

 devil may know that even if by chance

 You’re not with me, You are certainly in me.

I know the definite answer is “No” 

because there’s nothing to prove.

Love without boundaries 

How best could  it be described? 


Join the black ride,
The unicorn that soars over the mighty wide.

Like a black hole, we absorb every negative energy around us.

The darkness comprehendeth not what is

within so it leaves us with many Mars. 

I made that decision long ago never to change my identity for anything else.

Africa is beautiful. 

Africa is nature at its best.

But anytime the personified mother gets home to prepare her best meal, there’s a problem. 

She brings the best of her chocolate cream, blackberry, golden omelet and her favorite yellow corn.

Her children thought it wise to trade her recipe for a bottle of white skimmed milk.

Nevertheless, they get so easily diseased.

Through the blackness of our hearts are we able to appreciate the light around us.

A man reads through his faultful palm and sees a heap of curses,

But I see through and beyond the horizon to see a replica of heaven on earth. 

The greens sweep from the downside of the earth right through to the blues of the sky.

Do you not like the glamor of turquoise and silver that is made out of these?

We could walk on golden sand grains, swim in the corals of the blue ocean or even fly through the hard and dry wind,

But it is still through the blackness of our hearts that we’re able to see the light around.

Africa could be the Wonderland which when missing, you could find yourself in,

but it is still the lights around that help us see the future. 

So as mama’s little black boy, I’ll eat her blackberry and use her chocolate cream 

because I’m allergic to white skimmed milk.


There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters,

 who never did and who always will.

If only we could see others the way they see themselves, it would change everything about how we see one another. 

The people truly worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times,

 and laugh with you after the hard times pass.

Some people will never change and you just have to accept that.Sometimes removing people from your life makes space for better people.

 You can either trust people until they fail you or distrust people until they  are proven worthy of your trust.

Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you and make you happy. If you know people who do none of these things, teach them how to but if they ain’t willing to learn, let them go.

You must have respect for those who tell you the truth no matter how hard it is.

 There are two reasons why we don’t trust people. First, because we know them and second, because we don’t know them. 

The reason why most people don’t succeed is that they consider the ladder of life as an escalator. Sometimes people don’t want to here the truth because they don’t want their illusions to be destroyed. 

There is a little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. 

 The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. 

People who come from a background of lying are suspicious of lying. Some folks are dead but their character kept them alive while others are alive but their character killed them.

A smile is a symbol of acceptance and approval, which is something most of the people in the world need. People only have power over you if you them power.

 No one can have power over you unless you submit to their will.

 Characterize people by their  actions and you’ll never be fooled by their words 

Stop telling people about their pains,they already know that . People may not tell you how they  feel about you, but they always show you.

 Pay attention!!!

The same way, people don’t notice the things you do for them until you stop doing them.

Indirectly, people make and unmake persons.
                   DELADEM SHINE 

                    PERFECT WORDS



Glory seeks the purest of thoughts

But what is the worth of a thought that is defiled?

As dingy as it is, stability is still longed for.

I’ve been paraded across the range and longs of the world

To see the mars and exacts of nature.

One thing I just can’t figure out,

The earth is claimed to have gravity 

The blackjack that gives no hope of reaching the heavens.

But why does there seem to be a contrasting force between the moon and the sun?

Greater power has this got to defeat the fears of the night.

Once we reach out to the mountains to fortify our emotions,

the denatured minds now made perfect, would then be worth having than a dead soul.

There has never been a time when light became feasible with evil.

As opposing as they are, there is a great rule of difference set in between.

The sun produces light,

The moon reflects light

But why does one give a tactful definition of existence?

Our nature is like the mother planet

being maneuvered between a friend and a friend.

The day the hardest shell is broken, the nakedness of the tortoise is exposed.

As a matter of fact, a man is never as strong as he thinks he is

but his weakness persists in the stability of his ignorance.

Maybe we are ignorant of the truth. Maybe we know that we know what we actually dont know.

But truth is, we never know what the truth is when we try to know only what is true

Because as long as there is no light in the atmosphere, the darkness will never cease to lie.

At night, we dwell in deception

Even when the chameleon is left in a vacuum, 

it acts as though there is no return.

 We have made our lives a double-edged steel sword which cuts through the irony of living big,

Yet there is still the hope that we will get stuck to what we do best.         

 I believe in your future.

I believe in what you are best at.

What I’m not sure about is if I believe you can do best at what you aren’t meant to do best at.

                 DELADEM SHINE

                 PERFECT WORDS